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Pack-A-Paw Rescue Harness makes it possible for a solo hiker to carry their tired or injured dog to safety....providing peace of mind so that you can adventure boldly and never leave your dog behind. 

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As we all know, extreme hiking can be tough going. Almost anything can happen, and that’s part of the thrill! An experienced hiker will always take precautions to keep safe in the event of an accident. Some light emergency gear, extra food, and water, maybe a space blanket.While it’s important that you stay safe on any adventure, people often overlook their canine companions. What would you do if your dog became seriously injured on a hike? Would you be able to carry her out?

Our Rescue Harness is: Easy to use, Comfortable to wear, Lightweight, Compact, Strong & durable & Made in the USA.

What a wonderful thing to have. Was quick shipping to Canada. Very easy to use when we tested the fit. Tried it with our 3 border collies, who are all different sizes, and it fit them all perfectly. Ages range from 13 yrs to 6 months and they were all very comfortable sitting in the harness! Definitely recommend this for anyone hiking with their dogs!

Crystal Caradonna

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Stefen Keith

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When I first read about a dog that broke his leg and was left to die because his owner was unable to carry him off the mountain, I couldn’t stop wondering what I would do in that situation. One thing I knew for certain is that I would never leave my dog behind. But, how could I bring her down? Over the next few years and thousands of miles of hiking and trail running, I came up with the Pack-a-Paw rescue harness.As a hiker and trail runner, I knew I’d need a harness that would be both lightweight and strong. One that would fit easily in the bottom of my pack with my other emergency gear, or even in my pocket.

The Pack-a-Paw rescue harness was designed in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Pack-a-Paw was designed to withstand intense use in emergency situations.There are few things I love more than hiking and being with my dog. The peace of mind I have knowing that I’m prepared for any situation while adventuring with my dog is a great feeling. Get in touch with us, and add the Pack-a-Paw rescue harness to your hiking kit today.

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